Next-generation Vertical Farming Solutions

Harnessing the power of advanced technology and artificial intelligence.

Proprietary standalone hydroponic growing environments

Green Tech Farm was established to make a meaningful contribution to the global movement endeavoring to meet the challenges posed by relentless urbanization, a growing world population, a decline in agricultural land and a need for a sustainable approach to food production.

From our revolutionary, state-of-the-art "HydroPods" - 40-foot steel shipping containers that have been repurposed to provide self-contained, fully-insulated, solar-powered, pest-free, LED-lit hydroponic growing environments - to our bespoke, industrial-scale "HydroFactory" solutions, Green Tech Farm has customers covered.

All our installations can be managed from a computer or a smartphone or left to the administrations of next-generation artificial intelligence and advanced, state-of-the-art robotics.

A true turnkey solution

Green Tech Farm HydroPods are capable of growing healthy and cost-effectively produced crops that can be harvested many times a year; on or off-season. We provide a turnkey solution that includes plant growth infrastructure not to mention full after-sales services including the supply of the seeds and substrates that enable vertical farms to operate so efficiently.

Our proprietary climate and temperature control systems can be paired with an automated, robotized seeding, irrigation, harvesting and packing system that minimizes the need for human interaction with the plants. This has the added benefit of significantly reducing the possibility of introducing pests or diseases into a crop.

Forget about the technology – it's taken care of.