Environmentally kind and financially profitable

Our solutions produce crops efficiently and sustainably while respecting the environment.

Sustainable and environmentally sound

The energy that has traditionally powered the conventional farming model and the transportation of produce to the consumer is costly, both in financial and environmental terms. Despite growing awareness and steady uptake by consumers, the cost of healthy foods, particularly those produced without the use of chemicals is becoming prohibitive.

Vertical farming is quite rightly seen as representing an excellent opportunity to significantly reduce producers' carbon footprint by negating the use of legacy energy sources like fossil fuels and to reduce the cost to the consumer. This is especially pressing since the world population is forecast to increase to 9 billion people by the year 2050 and, in order to assure food security for all, food production must increase by 70% over current levels while ensuring the least amount of environmental impact.

We believe that Green Tech Farm's significant advances will eventually make advanced AI technology in farming and gardening accessible, affordable and environmentally responsible at the grassroots level.