The future of farming has arrived

Join us at the front line of the sustainable farming revolution.


Though containerized farming is nothing new, our extensive experience with the core component, the shipping container, has taught us a great deal. We know the advantages and disadvantages of their dimensions and their construction and we have fine-tuned our proprietary environmental controls and our racking infrastructure to work efficiently and reliably in this setting.

Green Tech Farm uses structurally sound containers that are less than a year old. Issues like evaporation, humidity, heat, pests and structural integrity have been solved and customers receiving a Green Tech Farm HydroPod have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that they need only concern themselves with the commercial aspects of vertical farming.

Our HydroPods are fully modular and can accommodate 6 layers of crops. They can be built to any desired specification and customers are able to add full or partial automation infrastructure as their needs require.


HydroFactory is the pinnacle of our development prowess and expertise. It’s a bespoke turnkey solution representing the last word in sustainable indoor farming.

HydroFactory is Green Tech Farm’s bespoke turnkey vertical farming solution that can adapt to the dimensions of any space. It deploys a full array of options designed to turn any space into a highly efficient, sustainable and profitable indoor farming concern requiring minimal human interaction.

It offers 3rd generation automation that handles seeding, irrigation, harvesting and packing as well as a fully climate-controlled, pest-free environment all silently and efficiently managed by highly advanced artificial intelligence software that learns and increases efficiency with each and every crop.