Engineered with growth in mind

The greatest advances in farming for a generation.

Designed by growers for growers

Green Tech Farm's fully integrated, modular vertical farming solutions are valuable tools in the drive to make better use of limited space in urban settings by arranging the growing environment to expand upwards instead of outwards.

Our team of engineers, working closely with dedicated, highly experienced growers, has taken our solution to the next logical evolution by providing an option for growers to fully automate the seeding, irrigation, harvesting and packing processes using next generation artificial intelligence and robotics. These options can be integrated into all our HydroPod and HydroFactory offerings.

Clear, real word advantages of our scalable systems:

  • Significantly shortened growth cycle - Several crops need only 2-3 weeks to go from initial sprout to harvest-ready stage
  • Full-year usability - our HydroPods are designed to facilitate growing all year round in an environment bereft of severe weather conditions
  • Cleaner growth using substrates - from natural rock wool to coco coir, perlite, vermiculite, peat moss and many others, Green Tech Farm can supply substrates most suited to the crop customers wish to grow together with a large range of nutrients and essential elements that support rapid growth
  • Our managed-growth systems offer an environment free from chemicals, pesticides or herbicides resulting in a naturally healthier harvest
  • Minimal impact upon land, water and energy resources
  • High energy efficiency supported by solar power and recycled water

Next-generation AI

Quite simply, every aspect of the Green Tech Farm solution's growing process and the environment can be tightly controlled and regulated by our highly advanced artificial intelligence software.

From the intensity of the lighting to the precise balance of nutrients; from the analysis of the power needed to drive the automated processes to the recycling of the water, the proprietary algorithms are capable of learning and making adjustments that improve the next crop yield and the one after that.

LED There Be Light

Our systems utilize full spectrum, superior quality LED (Light Emitting Diode) chips specially engineered to our exacting specifications. These LEDs not only offer 160-degree wide angle coverage but our AI software has learned that only a fraction of available sunlight is utilized in crop photosynthesis. This means our LEDs emit less light and reduce power consumption while still producing an optimal crop yield.

Advanced Automation

Green Tech Farm's optional automated systems are designed and built to full 3rd generation specifications and offer seeding, irrigation, harvesting and packaging of the crops for distribution. Lightweight, low-inertia trolleys and conveyors complement the sturdy aluminum racking that makes up the infrastructure of our vertical farming infrastructure.

Sustainably Powered

Among the highest costs involved in vertical farming is the electricity required to drive the automated systems and power the LEDs that facilitate growth. Green Tech Farm's HydroPods and HydroFactories are powered by solar panels that convert the sun's rays into readily-usable energy. Energy that is not used is stored in ultra-efficient, high capacity lithium-ion batteries for use later.