Next Level Automated Farming Solutions

Enabling the higher yields vertical farmers have been waiting for.

Meeting future demand

Words like "sustainability" and phrases like "food security" have increasingly made their way into our vernacular and for good reason. A growing global population and the challenges posed by climate change and declining agricultural land means that new ways must be found to produce enough food to feed what estimates suggest will be 9 billion mouths by the year 2050.

Green Tech Farm is at the forefront of the trend for humans to do more with less and to do it more cleanly and efficiently. We are pioneering the drive to make advanced technology work for us all in this most basic area of need.

Flexible, Adaptable, Scalable

Based in Hong Kong, we supply our HydroPods to customers throughout the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions. Our patrons include commercial growers, retailers like caterers, restaurants and hotels and emergency relief contractors needing to produce large quantities of food quickly for refugees and those in conflict zones where aid logistics can be hampered by the situation on the ground.

Customers can start with a small number and add scale later. They can add sophisticated features like automated seeding, harvesting and packing according to demand and the needs of their projects.

HydroFactory, our bespoke offering, is for those wishing to make use of a specific space to produce crops on an industrial scale, all year round. Up to 32 cultivation layers can be accommodated offering a growing surface area of up to 150,000 square meters.